Tri-State Building Services Floor Care Tips for Schools & Universities

During the school year, a janitor's cleaning and maintenance responsibilities are demanding and fast-paced. Over the summer and winter breaks when occupancy rates and traffic are at their lowest, cleaning professionals at schools and universities have the time to conduct detailed deep cleans and maintenance of hard floors and carpeted spaces in each building on a school's campus. Follow the below tips for high-traffic areas to ensure floors stay clean and safe for students and faculty year-round.


Among the first things students, staff, and guests notice when walking into a school are the floors. In order to create a positive first impression, it is important to make sure they are properly maintained. Daily sweeping and dust mopping, along with nightly wet mopping with a neutral floor cleaner, keep floors clean during the busy school week. Periodic scrubbing and burnishing should be scheduled over weekends or extended breaks to allow for ample ventilation. Stripping and refinishing should be conducted during spring and summer breaks to remove ice melt chemicals and embedded dirt winter weather leaves in its wake.

Gym Floors
Carpeted Rooms

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