Services Offered by Tri-State Building Services

Office Cleaning - Tri-State Building Services offers our customers a flexible cleaning schedule. We will work with your company and budget to create a cleaning schedule that will keep the appearance of your building in top shape.

Tri-State Building Services Offers Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Appointments.

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Floor Care Services - Tri-State Building Services offers floor and carpet care services that will create a clean and inviting atmosphere for your clients and guests! Any of the following services can be performed in your place of business. We also offer the following services on a scheduled basis, depending on the traffic that your building receives we can schedule your floor care weekly, monthly quarterly or annually.

Floor Services
 • Buffing Floors
 • VCT Scrub and Recoat

 • VCT Strip and Wax
 • Terrazzo Floor Polishing and Refinishing
 • Concrete Polishing & Staining
 • Concrete Scrub & Seal

Window Cleaning

Carpet Services
 • Carpet Cleaning
 • Spot Removal

Restroom Sanitation
 • We offer a full restroom sanitation service,
which can be a regular service.

We also offer the following

  • Power and Pressure Washing
  • Window and Blind Cleaning
  • Ceiling and Wall Cleaning
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Light Maintenance
  • Parking Lot Cleaning and Maintenance
  • New Home Construction Clean-ups
  • Construction Clean-ups
  • High Dusting
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Our Employees are All Bonded and Insured