About Tri-State Building Services

TRI-STATE BUILDING SERVICES was created thinking about businesses like yours who can find better ways to use their resources. By outsourcing your janitorial needs, your business benefits in a number of ways.

About Tri-State Building Services

Reduce Costs: No need to employ your own cleaning staff and incur the extra payroll costs that add little value to your core business function.

Free Up Capital: By outsourcing your janitorial services to us, you can establish a budget, control operating costs and free up capital that can be used to grow your core business.

Enjoy Flexibility: Outsourcing your janitorial services lets you easily adjust the level of service requirements on an as-needed basis, helping you further control operating costs.

Capitalize on Expertise: Just like your company has expertise in a particular field, Tri-State Building Services has the experience and expertise to keep your facility clean - after all, it's what we do!

Receive a Business Boost: A clean location not only reflects on your company's public image, it improves worker morale, productivity and the bottom line. Impress your employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers with an office or building that looks and feels spectacular.

Teamwork Matters at Tri-State